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Note 917936 – License keys cannot be deleted by user SAP* 참고



In an SAP Web Application Server (Web AS) ABAP you need to delete a digitally signed license key as user SAP*. The system does not allow you to perform this action.

Reason and Prerequisites

This situation usually occurs if you are using a system copy. License keys are still installed in the copied system, but they become invalid when you make the copy. To install a license key with a new installation number or a new system number, you must first delete the old keys first. Since these old license keys are invalid, you can only log on as user SAP*. However, this user is not allowed to delete any license keys.


Import! the relevant Support Package to correct this error.

These corrections only refer to the digitally signed license keys (choose “New Licenses” in transaction SLICENSE).

After you have made a copy of your system, you may be able to log on only as user SAP*, because the license key you want to delete is invalid in the copied system. However, as user SAP*, you cannot implement the ABAP corrections. In this case, you can only delete the license key directly in the database: first of all, examine the contents of the SAPLIKEY table. This table should contain exactly one record with a LIKEY field that begins with “0002LK”, and possibly another record with a LIKEY field that begins with “0002LC”. If you find one or both of these records, but no further records, you can delete them using database tools.

If the SAPLIKEY table has other content, contact SAP to ask whether it is safe to delete these records.


SQL> select * from sapr3.saplikey;

SQL> delete sapr3.saplikey;

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