Check DDIC Password Phase Fail…

제일 먼저 SAP 커널 업그레이드부터….


I am getting error in CI in the phase of Check DDIC password.

” Test log on to SAP system PRD failed.”

Make sure that the system is started, that the user DDIC exists and that the password of user DDIC is correct.

please anybody give the solution.





Hi Venkat,

you should logon to the system with sap* and change the password of the user ddic to that one, which you entered while the installation process. you also have to unlock the user, becuase it is locked due to too many failed logon attempts.

If you cannot logon with sap*, you should delete this user with db tools on db level, then you can logon with user sap* and password ‘pass’.

Procedure :

Follow the below step by step decription of how you may proceed – as you cannot log on neither with SAP* nor with DDIC:

1. delete the SAP*-user from database level

Use user adm, start the “Query Analyzer”, enter database SID, with window authentication, Enter the following command and execute it:


Exit the “Query Analyzer”

2. Make sure that parameter ‘login/no_automatic_user_sapstar=0′ within your DEFAULT.PFL. Set the parameter in the file and restart the central instance from the MMC.

3. Login in client 000 with user SAP* and password ‘pass’ (written in lowercase).

If you have managed to log in – perform the following steps:

1. Recreate SAP* user within SU01 and set a new initial password
2. Unlock DDIC and set a new password
3. Relogon and redefine a password for SAP* and DDIC in client 000
4. Run the reports ‘RSWBOINS’ and ‘RADDBDIF’ from SE38

5. Stop ‘sapinst’ and skip the installation step by running sapinst SAPINST_SKIP_ERRORSTEP=true

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