The Almost-TS-808 Conversion


This was fairly easy to do though I must stress, this DOES NOT make this pedal a TS-808 in any way. There are several more part differences than these between the two. The biggest difference between the TS variants and the SD-1 is the diode clipping. Ibanez uses symmetrical and Boss uses asymmetrical. Remove D6 and put a jumper in its place to make the SD-1 have symmetrical clipping. D4 and D5 are a pair of the stock silicon diodes.

Some capacitors needed to be adjusted.

  • C1 was changed from 0.047uf to 0.02uf (0.022uf will work fine here too).

  • C2 was changed from 0.018uf to 1uf NP.

  • C4 was changed from 0.018uf to 0.22uf (I put two 0.1uf caps in parallel to get as close as I could, 0.2uf).

  • C6 was removed in a previous mod. Remove if it hasn’t been already.

  • C7 and C8 are already the values they need to be from previous mods, 1uf NP and 0.1uf respectively.

  • C10 was changed from 1uf to 10uf. Since I had used a 1uf NP cap in C10 in a previous mod, I just moved that same cap to C2.

Next were a few resistor changes.

  • R1 was changed from 10k to 1k.

  • R2 was changed from 470k to 620k in a previous mod (510k is the stock TS value).

  • R4 was changed from 100k to 10k.

  • R5 was changed from 33k to 51k.

  • R7 was changed from 10k to 1k.

  • R10 was changed from 4.7k to 1k.

  • R16 was changed from 1k to 100 ohms.

  • R17 was changed from 100k to 10k.

And lastly, I decided to change the LED to green from the stock red. It’s easier than repainting the whole enclosure. It’s just my own little personal touch. Everybody else uses blue or purple or some other color. So, I picked green.

Again, these changes don’t make the SD-1 a TS-808, but they do get it in the ballpark and give it that flavor, which is what I was aiming for.

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