Cable Buffer

I run 12 metres (aprox 36 feet) of cable between my guitar and rack with only a true bypass wah connected. For a long time I noticed signal degration (loss of highs) even with low capacitance cables. This is the easiest and most cost affective solution. It’s a simple FET desgined buffer that converts the guitar signal from high impedance to low impedance and runs on 9 Volts. It only requires juice, one fet, one capacitor and one resistor. No dificult schematics, no gadgets, just pure (restored) tone. It works flawless and brings the brilliance back to your signal. More info on this can be found at the Reactive Cable page and the Briljant Box page.

The BF245 fet’s pin layout is as follow:
pin1: drain, pin2: source, pin3: gate. With the flat side of the fet on the table and the pins towards you: the left pin is the voltage, in the middle the output and on the right the input. Changing the value of the cap will increase or decrease the low end in the sound. 10 uF is nice, 47 uF is great for bass and thin sounding guitars.

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