Chamber Hole & Weight Relief Hole by nestas

The Weight Relieved Tone Chamber

1. The Les Paul Class 5 is the only Custom Shop model Les Paul that has weight relief holes (17 of them).

2. The Historic 58′ & 59′ Les Paul’s DO NOT have weight relief holes
(the lightest mahogany available is used for these guitars).

3. None of the Custom Shop Historic Reissue Les Paul Goldtop models have weight relief holes.

4. The Les Paul Elegant has the dynamic sound chambers, not weight relief holes.
The Les Paul Class 5 has the weight relief holes, and not dynamic sound chambers.

5. Gibson U.S.A. does drill weight relief holes in their Les Paul models.
They drill 9 holes, versus 17 for the Les Paul Class 5.

According to Gibson, they have done extensive testing and as long as the holes are not near the bridge or tailpiece (which would affect sustain), they do not have an adverse impact on tone.

스탠다드, 클래식, 커스텀 바디엔.. 구멍이 있고.. 57, 58, 59, 68 엔.. 구멍이 없답니다..

커스텀샵 Class 5 의 Chamber weight relief 홀.. 과
깁슨 USA LP 들의 weight relief 홀.. 과는 다르게 봐야 하는게.. 맞을꺼 같은데..

히스토릭 LP 들을 포함한.. 커스텀샵 LP 들은..
Class 5 (Chamber weight relief 홀) 외에는 weight relief 홀이 없습니다..

휴.. 복잡 하군요..


요게 Elegant 의 tone chambers (dynamic sound chambers) 라는데..

Class 5 의 .. 뻥뻥 뚤은.. The Weight Relieved Tone Chamber 랑은 틀리군요..

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